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The TNC Engine is a future-proof & powerful tech enabler to overcome the cookieless future


Collection of user consent through a persistent identifier

1° Party Data Profiling

GDPR Consent Management

Customer Anonimization


Enrichment of proprietary data with multiple external information sources

3° Party Integration

CRM, DMP & CDP Enrichment

Data Monetization


Implementation of secure spaces for analysis, cross-referencing, and use of customer data

Clean Room

P2C Analysis

Cross-domain Journey Analysis


Data Activation on multiple platforms and integration with additional technologies

1° Party Data Profiling

GDPR Consent Management



The use of a persistent identifier (TNC iD) enables our
TNC Engine to track user interactions and record their consent status across multiple sessions (app, web) or interactions in our network’s websites.

To ensure the identification, security and privacy of customer data, TNC Engine creates secure spaces based on Data Clean Room and Riconciliation alghorithms (based on Machine Learning) for analysis, cross-referencing, and utilization of data, protecting against unauthorized access and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.



The Activation capabilities of TNC Engine allows marketers to activate the stored and enriched data acrosss multiple channels in an hypertargeted way (as. SMS, DEM, Display) offering several tech connector with some of the most commont martech tools, such as CRMs, Campaign tools, DMPs.

TNC Engine enable data enrichment & monetization activities for our clients through their proprietary data by incorporating multiple external information sources, such as third-party data providers and external providers tracked in our network (exclusive partnership qith 15+ italian retailers and with the most complete and relevant italian consumer panel Sinottica 4.0 by GFK) ensuring complete anonymization of our users and data security.




Our solution’s entire architecture has been designed from the ground up to comply with privacy regulations using the most sophisticated data security technologies.


TNC’s identifier allows us to recognize the customer throughout the entire purchasing journey, even across different devices, while managing consent on each of them.


Our integrations with other data platforms and collaborations with data providers allow us to enrich existing information about our customer base, obtaining numerous insights.


Our technology enables us to create hyper-targeted audiences based on multiple collectible information on each touchpoint, in a completely cookieless way.